From Page to Stage, Little Women and its Auditions

By Lucas Huss

November 8, 2023

The Morro Bay High School Drama Program has always been a welcoming place for students to find something that they are passionate about and apply themselves to, even if it isn’t acting. However, like last year’s Arsenic and Old Lace, tensions are high as Little Women, the winter musical this year, begins the audition process. With roughly 14 auditioners and only 10 roles, some will be cut from the cast. The role most sought after, Jo March, has around 5 auditioners, and with only one actually receiving the part, feelings are bound to be hurt. On the contrary, all auditioners who aren’t cast are going to be on the crew, which is just as fun of an opportunity as acting and singing. Angus McNellie, an auditioner for Laurie Laurence said, “[The audition process] was really stressful, but I got the callback I wanted and I think it all paid off.” 

Auditioners had to learn one or two songs for the role that they wanted, which was difficult to learn. The songs all have a unique cadence, with notes in strange syncopations. However, this did not stop all auditioners from doing their best in their tryouts, with everyone doing incredibly well. 

Callbacks themselves will be on November 4th, with each auditioner called back for a role expected to have learned the songs and scenes for the appropriate character they were called back for. Some actors will need to learn upwards of three additional songs, which are usually either solos or duets. Auditioners called back for Laurie, for example, will need to memorize his solo, “Take a Chance on Me,” in addition to his duet with Amy, “The Most Amazing Thing.” 

All in all, this show is going to be marvelous if the cast’s preparations for auditions are any sign of the work they’ll be putting into the show itself. I, for one, can’t wait to see how casting and rehearsals all pan out.

Photo credit: Lucas Huss