Mental Health Matters: An Insight on the New Health and Wellness Center

By Michael Pascual

October 20, 2023

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Depressed? Or perhaps you’re just a little bit too mad at your math teacher. Either way, the MBHS counseling staff have created a new resource for you to use: The Health and Wellness Center. 

The Health and Wellness Center is directly across from the attendance office, and you can go if you need a place to focus more on yourself. It is run by the new counselors Heather Willis and Bray Bibberston, whose offices can be found nearby the wellness center. 

Willis is an SEL counselor, meaning that she is in charge of social emotional counseling, focusing more on the mental health aspects of this. Bibberston specializes in drug and alcohol counseling, meaning that if you get in trouble with any illicit substances while at school, you will be seeing her for a couple of sessions. 

While this health and wellness center is very new, there are still several ways that students can access their services. One way is to look around campus for the flyers with a scannable qr code. These will lead you to the website that I have linked below, and it is full of resources and information that you can use. Another way to access their services is to stop by their office, and set up an appointment.

Throughout the school year, there will be a variety of groups available to students at MBHS. According to Bibberston, “The first round of groups we’re offering are based on communication skills, healthy relationships, what substance abuse does to your brain, self esteem, how to manage your emotions, the good bad and the ugly, how to have healthy fun, and appropriately manage anger.” 

If you’re not comfortable with being in an open group, you can also attend a closed group. However, this is targeted towards people who have gone through grief, lost someone close to them, or are struggling with anxiety. 

Visit the Wellness Center Website here!

(12) WellnessCenter.mp4

Watch an interview with MBHS Wellness center counselors Heather Willis and Bray Bibberston