New Opportunities Coming to Morro Bay High

By Sammy Nishihama 

March 4, 2024

This upcoming school year, Morro Bay High School is going to be introducing a variety of new classes to the course list. Last year, they introduced some that are currently quite popular, such as Creative Writing, AP Spanish, and AP Biology. This year will be no different, with a diverse array of new options to choose from. Not only will students have new classes to choose from, such as AP Art History and adding Heritage Spanish 2 to continue to expand the Heritage Spanish program, but students will also have more flexibility when it comes to zero periods, too.

A new elective in the visual/performing arts subject is being introduced next  year: AP Art History. It will be taught by Mrs. Haener, who currently teaches Art 1 and 2, Digital Photo, and AP Studio Design. This class will cover the history of art not only throughout many periods in history, but also all across the world and through different cultures. This AP class will greatly differ from many currently offered, as it has no prerequisites, and requires little to no background knowledge on the subject, unlike many advanced placement courses offered at MBHS. Although it will only be offered as a zero period, many students have already expressed interest in the class regardless of the scheduling. 

The Heritage Spanish program, with just one class currently taught by Mr. Spahr, is a class taught at a level which is available for students who have Spanish as a first language. This class offers a level of education that challenges native speakers to not only read, write, speak, and listen in Spanish, but also to think critically in the language. Heritage Spanish 2 will now be offered, continuing the program for those students who want to continue furthering their knowledge of the language and culture.

While not much is changing within the English or science departments, both programs will be continuing strong with the large variety of classes they currently offer. Next year, however, multiple new classes are being offered as potentially zero period courses, as opposed to previously only offering Jazz Band and Choir. If enough students show interest, courses such as AP English Language and Geometry Honors will be offered as a zero period, as well as other periods throughout the school day. This will allow students to either be done with their school day early, have a gap in their school day, or take an additional class that interests them.

Morro Bay High School is always changing their list of class offerings. “Part of it is definitely driven by student interest, our student body changes,” says Mr. Wallace, about changes in school culture and curriculum. The school will continue to work on these changes, and they will continue to keep students and parents informed on any changes and choices that are officially made.