What Happened at Open House? 

By Miya Gonzalez 

March 14, 2024

This year’s MBHS Open House was well attended on the evening of Thursday, March 21st. There were students from all grades with their families, as well as some 8th graders coming to check out the classes for next year. There were lots of activities, art, performances, sales, experiments and more.  

In the J wing there was a truck blasting music for a demonstration of music production by Owen K and Jackson M. In the Art Hall, there was an impressive display of ceramics projects and some pieces on sale for a fundraiser. There were also 2d portfolios and art projects from Art 1 and 2 classes hanging on the walls in the Art Hall gallery. The Engineering and Auto Shop classes were open for visitors to walk through and check out the equipment. 

In the quad, there were lots of people waiting in line in anticipation to try all the foods from various countries including Spain, Mexico, and France and other foreign places, made by the students in Spanish and French classes. Students got extra credit for making a dish or helping the teachers set up for displaying the dishes. Ms. Kohler said that the buffet at the foreign language classes is always the most popular place at Open House.

In the Ag and Science wing there were a few activities for people to try, Including a blood typing lab experiment where visitors could test fake blood using antibody serums. Another activity was seeing how a spectrophotometer works. You could place different cuvettes, a straight sided clear container used for holding liquid samples, in the spectrophotometer to try and figure out what the instrument does. Students taking chemistry and biochemistry will learn how to use this tool for testing and analysis. There was also a slideshow with pictures from the Santa Cruz Island field trip.

In the theater, there was a full schedule of different performances by MBHS Choir, Drama, Dance Fusion, Jazz Band and student-led band, Primavera. The choir performed Abba Gold and Winner Takes It All. Ms. Bravante said that if you stay in concert choir for one year and take the class again, it becomes an honors class and it's a great way to boost your GPA. Dance Fusion performed Together Again and Power of Connection with two former members. Dance Fusion has been around for 23 years and it brings different departments together like lighting and video working together to enhance performances. Auditions are held in May and they look for open-minded and versatile people about creating art, where any level can join.Their last dance was a hip hop dance to Speed Drive, which was choreographed by a former member. The audience was enthusiastic and enjoyed the performances.

The Math and English departments also had showcased student work and projects. Other spaces that were open to visit include the weight room, the Wellness Center that has resources for parents and students, special education and the new library.