What’s in Store for the Class of ‘24?

By Claire Wilson 

June 10, 2024
Photo credit: Charlotte DiNunzio - Sandprints Photography

By early April, most students planning to attend four-year colleges have received their decisions. The months leading up to those decisions are often stressful, tedious, and exciting. Others choose community college, vocational paths, employment, or internships. This year, the class of 2024 has shown incredible dedication and enthusiasm in choosing the direction of their futures. 

This year, over 40 students chose to take advantage of the Cuesta promise for the next two years. According to the Cuesta College, “the Cuesta College Promise is a scholarship program available to all San Luis Obispo County high school graduates. The Promise offers all local graduates, including undocumented students—who come straight to Cuesta following their graduation—two years of attendance fee-free.” This program is very popular with Morro Bay High School graduates because of the flexibility it offers them. Many students plan to complete their general education at Cuesta before moving on to a four year university or entering the workforce. 

While many students chose to attend schools in California, 15 chose out of state, and even out of country schools. Two students, Stiffany Plenario and Daniel Lewis plan to serve in the military. Many students are planning to attend four year universities in California, including UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Cal Poly, and more. 

Maceo Addis-Jackson plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study mechanical engineering. During his junior year, he planned to take auto shop, but was put into the engineering class where he found a love for engineering that would lead to his decision to pursue engineering as a career. Addis-Jackson’s concerns about climate change have also played a major role in this decision. “One of my biggest fears is dying and not being memorable and not having a lasting impact on the world,” he says. “I'm also terrified of climate change and like how the world is dying. So I thought and I also like making stuff so I thought I could combine all that stuff, and to make stuff that hopefully helps the world.”

Morro Bay High School’s class of 2024 has worked incredibly hard to get where they are today, and through dedication and planning, have begun paving the way to their futures. Congrats to the class of 2024!