Winter Sweeties!

By Clara Frank

December 20, 2023

    This winter, Morro Bay High continued their annual tradition of selling winter sweeties to the student body. This tradition allows students to connect with their friends and for ASB to raise money for the school year. Winter sweeties were sold on Nov. 27 through Dec. 1 during nutrition and lunch, and included a candy cane for the recipients and a handwritten note from the sender. The sweeties were three dollars each or two for five dollars. 

The tradition has previously been a way for students to ask others to the Winter Formal, however there had not been a Winter Formal for a few years. With the return of Winter Formal this year, the tradition was refreshed and exciting. There were numerous people who were asked to the formal with the Winter Sweeties, creating positive adrenaline for both the sender and recipient. 

Winter Sweeties are akin to Singing Sweeties that occur in February for Valentine’s Day. Singing Sweeties are hosted by the Morro Bay High School choir and are always a big hit. However, the Winter Sweeties have a similar cheerful touch during the holiday season. Especially during finals season, the Winter Sweeties lift students’ spirits and promote comradery. 

The tradition of Winter Sweeties starts in elementary school in our community. Del Mar Elementary has their own version of Winter Sweeties, called candy grams, during the winter season. The tradition then carried on through middle school. At Los Osos Middle School, they have winter sweeties that are more similar to those at MBHS. The tradition has become sentimental for students, especially if they have kept the notes from their friends throughout the years. 

This custom of sending festive cards to each other helps people stay connected throughout the holidays, which is so important because the holidays are not always easy on people or their families. Receiving a Winter Sweetie is always a heartwarming experience since it is always nice to be thought of.