“Watch His Step” - Emerson Jacquay’s Newest Film

By Angus McNellie 

May 3, 2024

Emerson Jacquay has once again graced us with her brilliant mind, bringing us another memorable film, “Watch His Step. In the words of her mother, this film is “Christopher Nolan-like”, but Jacquay believes she’s exaggerating. She describes the film herself as “eerie, interesting, and confusing;” fitting adjectives for this chilling piece of cinema. Jacquay’s film-making process is a reflection of her hard-working spirit and bulletproof integrity.

When asked what inspired this film, Jacquay answered, “I think of one shot, and I build the entire film around that. That’s kind of what I did for this, my horror-ish film I’m submitting. There’s no real way to explain it, about how it comes to mind, it just happens.” Jacquay led all aspects of the film, from writing the script to shooting the scenes. She even created the fake blood seen in the film, and even supplied multiple costume pieces. Her creative mind is seen in all the nooks and crannies of the film. The cinematography of the film perfectly captures the ominous feeling Jacquay hoped to achieve. The twist is sure to send chills down the viewers’ spine, and the mysterious ambience keeps the audience on their toes. Out of all of Jacquay’s films, this title is most definitely a standout.

“The best part of the filmmaking process was definitely shooting,” Jacquay claimed, “It was really fun to film with my friends, but shooting was also the worst part, it was so cold and windy.” Cold as it may have been, the weather did not deter Jacquay from completing this passion project. Not even the abundance of poison oak could stop her as she traveled across Morro Bay to bring this idea to fruition. Jacquay’s diligence and determination is apparent through this spectacular picture. 

(Photo credit: Angus McNellie)