First of Many: Laufey’s Grammy Win

By Angus McNellie 

March 4, 2024

“I never in a million years thought this would happen,” remarked pop musician Laufey as she received her first Grammy. While her name may seem unfamiliar, Laufey is a rising musician who found her popularity through TikTok, where her songs went viral. Her career has skyrocketed since, and she now stands among many famous artists as the winner of  the Traditional Pop Vocal Album of the year. 

Laufey’s career truly began when her songs rose in popularity on TikTok. Her most recognizable title is From the Start, a lively energetic song about a heart racing crush. While this song is certainly her most popular, other titles like Valentine, and Let You Break My Heart Again, released prior and were also well received on TikTok. Laufey’s success was extraordinary, but it was not her own. Right by her side was her twin sister, Junia. Laufey has made it apparent that none of this would be possible without her sister by her side. Laufey’s song Best Friend, is dedicated to Junia. 

Laufey’s popularity continued to grow, and her fans grew more vocal and passionate once she announced her new album, Bewitched. Approaching the album’s release, her and Junia teased new songs such as Promise and Lovesick which fans quickly spread across social media with passionate enthusiasm. Upon its release, Bewitched was greatly celebrated; praised by many as one of the best albums of the year. It was no surprise that the album was nominated for Traditional Pop Vocal Album of the year.

As Laufey accepted her award, her gratitude and pride was carried through all of her words. Each syllable spoken was from the heart. Laufey received the monumental award with grace, giving thanks to her fans, friends, family, and of course, Junia. There’s no doubt that this is not her only Grammy, and Laufey’s music will continue to lighten up the lives of many hopeless romantics for years to come. 

Photo credit: Laufey