Guy Fieri Signs Tequila Bottles at Costco in SLO

By Claire Wilson 

March 11, 2024

On Wednesday, Food Network star Guy Fieri  visited San Luis Obispo, seemingly to continue the trend of celebrities visiting SLO to do mundane things. At Costco, he signed bottles of Santo, his brand of tequila. Fieri has already been spotted around California at various Costcos for signing events to promote his new brand. Although the event started at 5 pm, attendees lined up as early as 2 pm in a line that wrapped around the store. 

In 2006, Guy Fieri won The Next Food Network Star and was awarded his own Food Network show, Guy’s Big Bite. Since then, he has appeared on over 10 cooking shows, including Phinneas and Ferb where he voiced “pizza guy”. 

Sophomore Jocelyn Ocampo-Mateo attended the event, but didn’t get to meet Fieri because the line was too long. “It wrapped around the store,” she says, “I just kind of stood there watching him for a bit and then we left.” 

Fieri reportedly only signed purchased tequila bottles and spoke to those who had made a purchase.  Ocampo-Mateo says, “it was a really quick process, like you would go up, he'd sign your bottle, you’d get a photo and then that's it. Like you didn't really talk with him or anything.” This process makes sense considering the amount of people waiting in line, but left some fans less than satisfied with their experience. The event was scheduled to last from 5 to 6, or while supplies lasted. Fieri stayed until well past 6, promoting his tequila brand even after all the tequila was sold. 

Photo credit: Jocelyn Ocampo-Mateo
Photo credit: Jocelyn Ocampo-Mateo

Santo Tequila Blanco is a collaboration between Fieri, rock musician Sammy Hagar, and El Viejito Distillery in Mexico. According to its website, Sant tequila aims to tap into “the soul of Old Mexico.” It debuted in California and Nevada last fall, and is now available in New York, Georgia, South Carolina and Massachusetts. 

Although many SLO residents enthusiastically lined up to meet the celebrity chef, just as many were confused by the hype. “How has his career plummeted so badly that he needs to do promos at Costco?” said junior Angus McNellie. According to Allie Nelson of Parade, “Fieri signed a new contract with the Food Network for his popular Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guy's Grocery Games shows… that deal paid the celebrity chef $80 million over three years, a $50 million raise from his previous agreement.” Fieri is clearly not struggling financially or professionally, so the purpose of these signing events is making many locals scratch their heads. Even more confusing, Fieri did not seem to be having a good time. “He looked just thrilled to be there,” says Ocampo-Mateo sarcastically.