New Coastal Trail Spans from Morro Bay to Cayucos

By Miya Gonzalez 

February 2, 2024
Photo credit: The Cambrian

A new path for pedestrians and bicyclists, which has been in the works for 15 years, will bring the community of Cayucos together with the city of Morro Bay. There is currently only one bicycle route along the highway, forcing runners, hikers and cyclists to travel next to high speed traffic. These communities will be connected by a new trail that goes along the Coastal Highway. You can see the ocean view as you walk along this trail. The new path will close the gap and be safe for all to use as it runs along the beach. This multi-use trail will soon be a part of the Coastal Trail System. 

The California Transportation Commission approved a $7.4 million grant, twenty-one years after coming up with the idea. In an article from The Cambrian, Kathe Tanner interviewed Kavanaugh and she said, "Work to build the bike and pedestrian path likely won’t begin until 2025, according to San Luis Obispo County Parks planner Elizabeth Kavanaugh." Through surveys more than 90% of people said that they don't travel by bike or foot to get places because they say it is too dangerous. Also, 80% of people said that they will use the trail connector when it is built. 

This project has been in the works with many delays for nearly 15 years. It has taken lots of time because the path was planned to cut through land that Chevron owned. Chevron did not want to sell it until a little while later to the city of Morro Bay. Officials say that the 1.25-mile trail will turn into a 10-mile bike route with many access points to the shore. Through a survey by SLO County Parks, they got feedback that 85% of the people in Morro Bay and Cayucos said that they will use the trail when it is finally finished. This project is so the communities have a safe corridor that is separate from the dangerous highway traffic. The design stage is nearly complete.  The next step will be to present the plan to the California Coastal Commission and start working on various agreements with Caltrans.