A Deeper Look Into an MBHS Student: Sarah Guthrie Montes 

By Lucy Garcia

December 11, 2023

Sarah Guthrie Montes can be reserved at first, but once you get to know her she is just a  normal freshman at Morro Bay High School. Her plan after high school is to go to Otis College of Art and Design, where she plans to pursue art as a fine arts major.

Sarah discovered art at a young age when her mother showed her art documentaries. Her favorite artist is Vincent van Gogh. She enjoys going to museums and seeing all of the beautiful artwork. Music is another form of art that she deeply loves. Her favorite music artists are TV Girl, Beabadoobee, Childish Gambino, and Kali Uchis. Sarah has a deep passion for music and the arts. It’s incredible how much joy and inspiration she finds in creative expression.

Her biggest pet peeve is when someone chews with their mouth open, she finds it the most annoying thing to her which is very understandable. Chewing with your mouth open is gross. She says, “It's gross when someone does that, it makes me uncomfortable and irritates me so much, I don't understand why people do that, it's so rude and annoying.”

Sarah enjoys each season of the year, but her favorites would have to be fall and winter. When fall comes around you get to see how Sarah’s art reflects the seasons changing. She gets excited because she experiences it through art. The artwork becomes more vivid with colors such as dark reds, yellows, and orange. Not only does she experience fall through her art, but through baking, music, nature, and social interactions. To kick off the season of fall Sarah listens to Blue Rondo a La Turk by Dave Burbeck. “Music can help us from not stressing out as much and can make us much happier and energetic during these stressful seasons,” she commented.

The things that Sarah is thankful for are her family and friends, but most importantly, her best friend. Sarah and I first met in July of 2023 during tryouts for the school volleyball team. In the beginning of the school year we started talking more after we realized we shared the same 3rd period. What makes Sarah stand out from everyone else is that she’s compassionate, outgoing, and creative.

Although Sarah is reserved at times, she is also an inspiration to others. She expresses herself through her unique fashion and her artistic passion. She also inspires others with her vivid  mind and compassionate heart. All of these promising qualities will help her succeed in life during and after high school.