A Friendly Face in the Office: Ms. Solu

By Claire Wilson

January 16, 2023

Most students at Morro Bay High School know Ms. Solu as the front desk lady. She’s kind, friendly, and always ready to help. Solu enjoys going to the beach, taking her french bulldogs on walks, and spending time with her family at their ranch. Throughout her life, which has been filled with travel and adventures, the one thing that has defined her is her selflessness and care for others.

Solu grew up in Ventura, where she participated in gymnastics, and in high school, was a diver. After high school, Solu attended college in San Jose. Drawn to the past’s ability to teach people about themselves, she majored in history. She says, “I think, going all the way back, as humans we’ve made a lot of mistakes and if you don’t want to repeat them in the future, you have to know where you came from in the past and learn from it. And it’s okay to make a mistake as long as you learn from it and grow from it. As a matter of fact, I think we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.” But her interest in other cultures and people doesn’t stop there. Traveling has always been a big part of Solu’s life. “Any time I can get out of here I go,” she says. Solu has traveled to China, Turkey, France, Germany, and Mexico, to name just a few countries. 

Solu and her husband come from a hotel background, and for decades have owned and operated hotels up and down the Central Coast, managing everything from roof maintenance to customer service. Right before the Covid-19 pandemic, they sold their last hotel. When the vaccine became available, Solu volunteered at Covid clinics, assisting the elderly from their cars, pushing wheelchairs, and helping to soothe the anxiety that they felt. “A lot of them were super scared,” she recalls, “some of them would be crying. You had to reach them on a different level.” 

Solu with Husband John, sons Ethan and Ori in Ephesus Turkey

Solu's sons Elijah, Ori, and Ethan at Ori's 2020 MBHS graduation

Ms. Solu (right) and Ms. Bray (left)

It is evident that Solu possesses this level of empathy, as well as a love for Morro Bay High School. “Our students, I just think they’re the nicest group of kids.” she says, “I see so much potential in all of you. I’m just so excited about what you’re all going to do in the future. I love it when students come in and tell me what they’re going to do in the future.” As a former athlete herself, Solu is enthusiastic about her role in the office which involves helping student athletes. “I feel really fortunate that it’s a position helping the athletics department,” she says, “because I get to see all the kids who want to play sports and so extracurricular things, and I think it’s a lot of fun for them.” As athletic secretary, Ms. Solu organizes the athletic schedules and finances, and coordinates transportation for MBHS sports teams, as well as other clubs and activities, like Mock Trial. Coaches in our district have to go through a lot of online courses in order to be certified to coach, and Ms. Solu keeps track of these certifications, as well as the payment of coaches, and student athlete awards.

But, somehow, that’s not all. Ms. Solu is also the front desk receptionist. Athletic director Mr. Hoyt explains, “She has a dual title of receptionist and athletics secretary. On paper, half of her day is doing one of those things and half is doing the other. But if you ask her, she’s never doing only one. She’s bouncing back and forth between those two things all the time.” 

Ms. Solu’s friendly and devoted nature allows her to excel, not just as a receptionist and athletic secretary, but as a friend to all who cross her path. She has a deep love for her work and a strong devotion to the students and staff she serves. She leaves us with this message: “I really love the students, and they should come by my desk any time. Sometimes I have snacks and if they need anything I’m super happy to help them find it or get an answer. That’s why I’m here, I’m here for you guys.”