Addyson Janovec: Who is She Now And Who Will She Be?

By Lilly Martinez

November 14, 2023

Addyson Janovec and her lamb Pop-Tart (2023)

Addyson Janovec is a ninth grade student at Morro Bay High School. She is well rounded, as a varsity cheerleader, FFA member, and accomplished scholar. She gets along wonderfully with all students and considers herself a social butterfly. Every person who knows her would agree that if kindness was a person, it’d wear Janovec’s face. 

Putting her all into everything she tries, Janovec is a powerful addition to every team. Peggy Flynn, advisor of all things agriculture at Morro Bay High School, believes the same and shares, “Addy really has that true leadership trait within her”. This trait causes people to drift towards her and want to participate in the same things she does. 

As a student who learns best hands on, Janovec is grateful to have many teachers who use this as their primary teaching style. She’s a straight A student who constantly turns in top tier work. Prepared for all of her classes daily, Janovec is able to contribute to class discussions with great insight. 

As a cheerleader, she’s able to use her energetic and outgoing personality to raise school spirit. She especially likes cheerleading because it gives her the chance to have another connection with her older brother, Colton Janovec, who plays for the varsity football team. She is close with her family and will take any opportunity to spend time with them. 

As an FFA member, she raises both market and breeding sheep, which she shows at the Paso Robles Mid-State Fair. Janovec says, “FFA has helped me learn responsibility and skills I’ll be able to take through life”. Grateful for everything FFA has taught her, Janovec shows appreciation to everyone who has helped her develop into the member she is today. 

“I feel welcomed and like I can be myself. I never worry about people judging me,” Janovec shares, speaking about the atmosphere at Morro Bay High School. Though she’s been welcomed and made many new friendships this school year, her loyalty to old friends never waivers. 

Though it’s only her first year in high school, Janovec already has large aspirations for her future. She hopes to attend a four year university directly after her senior year, to study animal science. Currently, she’s taking classes and participating in extracurriculars to ensure this path is possible for her when the time comes, such as an agricultural leadership class and showing her lamb in many competitions throughout the state. 

Prior to attending Morro Bay High School, Janovec was battling major health issues involving her thyroid. This took a toll on both her physical and mental well-being and, for a while, made her fun-loving personality quite exhausting to uphold. She believes she gained a lot of perspective from this situation and believes everyone should follow one simple rule, ““Even if you don’t like somebody, be nice to them… you never know what they’re going through.”

Janovec faces every situation with confidence and her head held high. There is no doubt that wherever her next four years take her, whether that be to her dream career or some place different, she will find success.