Claire Wilson: Erudite, Bookish, and Lettered

By Angus McNellie 

April 9, 2024

If you were to take literary talent, unbridled passion, and coffee and mix it all together, you’d end up with the one and only Claire Wilson. Claire is many things; she’s a friend to many, a sister, a hair designer for drama club, and a fashion inspo. However, she’s also the amazing editor of Spyglass, and she executes the job with excellence. There’s nobody else in the world that possesses a work ethic like hers, no other student on campus could take on this daunting task as incredibly as she does.

When asked what about journalism draws her in, Claire remarked, “I love writing about real events and real things that are happening, in a way that can inform people.” Claire’s motivation for her writing can be clearly observed through the articles she’s written. Her passion is present in each paragraph. Claire considered pursuing journalism as a career, but discovered an unfortunate truth through her experience job-shadowing at the SLO Tribune. “It was really great, but it was also really eye opening about how the journalism industry has gone downhill,” she says. This admission is admirable, as it displays her ability to be honest with herself, and hold her future in mind. 

Claire's passions don’t end at journalism, she loves creative writing, reading, traveling, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Her motivation for this wide variety of interests comes from many idols throughout her life. When asked who some of these inspirations are, Claire instantly responded, “Sylvia Plath, of course, I’ve never felt so understood by an author as I do with her.” Claire may not be as acclaimed as the famous authoress, but I believe her to be just as talented. Claire’s belletristic brain is on par with illustrious female characters such as Rory Gilmore, Jo March, or Violet Baudelaire. Her passion will surely pave the way for her success, and her intellectual mind is bound to inspire millions.

(Photo Credits: Cindy McCauley)