Inside the Office: April Stover

By Alana Shields

December 8, 2023 

April Stover is the secretary for the assistant principals at Morro Bay High School but she is also so much more to the community. April Stover has been working at Morro Bay High School for eight years, receptionist for athletics for 3 years and now the assistant principals’ secretary since 2018. But that's not all, along with being a mom to two kids, she is also the president of the union for classified staff. In this position, she helps other secretaries and paraeducators have better working conditions and pay throughout the entire San Luis Coastal school district. But Mrs. Stover is not only the secretary for the assistant principals at MBHS, she is also someone who students look forward to seeing every morning at her desk. 

April brings a smile to the day and everyone around her with her gracious and caring soul. When asking a fellow classmate, friends with April’s daughter, about her best memories with April, she says, “My best interactions with April are just seeing her in the office and knowing that she is always willing to help with anything If I don’t know where something in the office is, I can ask her and she always points me in the right direction.” In fact, April's favorite part of the job is the interaction with students, “even the ones that don’t make the best choices…I enjoy it a lot,”she says. 

Three words describe a lot about someone. When I asked what three words come to mind when people think of April, they said caring, joyful, and funny which is April Stover in a nutshell. Mrs. Stover is always there for anybody for anything that is needed and cares for all around her. Having worked at Morro Bay High School for eight years, Stover is highly experienced and her favorite part of her job is interacting with students and spreading her kindness to brighten everyone’s day.