Morro Bay High School’s Silvia Kohler

By Lilly Martinez

November 13, 2023

Passionate, kind, and generous are just some of the words Silvia Kohler's colleagues and students used to describe her. A teacher who applies all of these traits into her teaching is bound to create successful students. Aleya Paul, a tenth grade student enrolled in Kohler’s Spanish III class shared, “I think she does leave a positive impact on her students and shows them that learning a different language can be fun.”

Kohler is a valued member of the Morro Bay High School staff. She has been teaching French and Spanish classes here for 16 years, and previously taught for two years in El Salvador where she grew up after being born in Switzerland. Since moving to the United States, Kohler has gone back to both countries regularly, to visit family who still live there. 

Along with traveling back to see family, Kohler has visited approximately 25 countries simply because she loves to see the world. She makes traveling a priority in her life and has been to six out of seven continents. Her coworker, Sr. Spahr, gave his opinion, “[Travel] has gotten her a ton of worldly experience which in turn has brought her a very good sense of working and empathizing with others.”

In order to properly connect and communicate with her students, Kohler finds herself trying to see things from their perspective. Putting herself in their shoes and being patient in the classroom are techniques she believes work best. She loves being able to work with students who are receptive to her teaching style and are enthusiastic about learning. Lily Williams, a tenth grade student enrolled in Kohler’s French II class, says, “She is a very sweet teacher. She is always there if you need help, you just have to ask.”

Kohler connects most with students who are passionate about learning new languages, as it is passion that drives her. For Kohler, passion exists everywhere, whether that be in the classroom, in nature and the ocean, or in her relationships with her children. 

Both of Kohler’s children have gotten the opportunity to take her classes at Morro Bay High School. She enjoys speaking about them and shared, “Something that has been really special to me is having both of my kids in my classes.”

Constantly trying to find a way to make class more captivating for her students, Kohler applies art projects, food, and movies into her teaching. Because she does this, each unique class is engaged and excited to learn about the language and culture. 

Kohler feels just as lucky to be a part of Morro Bay High School’s community as everyone else is to have her. She hopes that everybody can work together to keep growing in a direction that best helps kids. She leaves us with this, “I think we have a wonderful school, and it’s an honor to teach the students that I have. I feel very grateful.”