Mr. Wallace's Message to Young People

By Marian Kalika

February 20, 2024
Mr. Wallace, Assistant Principal at Morro Bay High School, SLCUSD 

There are two types of people after high school. There are the people who know exactly what they want to do, what college they want to attend, and career they want to dedicate the rest of their lives to. On the other hand, there are the people who have no clue where to start. One thing we have to realize is that the ladder idea is unachievable and conceivably unrealistic. 

Before becoming the well-beloved assistant principal of Morro Bay High School, Mr. Wallace, like many of my fellow students, was uncertain about his future. The very idea of life after high school is terrifying to many. However, at the end of the day, if we are able to confidently state “I enjoy my job very much,” just as Mr. Wallace can, then I would say that we succeeded. 

Although Mr. Wallace has found much success in his life, there are past events and actions he wishes he could change. “I wish someone could have convinced me to be more involved,” he says, “because there are a lot of cool things happening on campus and a lot of cool accepting people affiliated with those things. They want to be more inclusive.” When we open ourselves up to the possibilities that can come our way if we simply allow them, things happen to fall in place when they are destined to. Wallace says, “Have fun. Nobody is trying to judge you. Try something new and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Have fun…have balance.” There is a complex harmony in life that is seen differently in each individual person. 

Success is not measured by how well you are going to be remembered, it is not based on how fast you meet your goal, and it is not based on how well you meet said goals either. Success is a subjective human ideology that we have somehow linked to how “great” someone's achievements are. Everyone's value of success is specific and unique to them. Mr.Wallace did not graduate high school knowing that he wanted to become an assistant principal. Actually, Mr. Wallace was first pursuing a job as a physical education instructor at a high school. After bouncing around ideas and still being unsure about what he wanted to pursue in his future, the people and opportunities around him began to connect excellently. After an extraneous and demanding process of getting the proper qualifications, Mr. Wallace has found a job that he passionately loves. Just as Mr. Wallace had an indistinct idea of what he wanted to pursue after high school, we are not expected to know either. “I think everything is going to work out,” Mr.Wallace confidently stated. 

The possibilities are limitless, potential endless, and time precious. Don’t procrastinate your future, take action. If you have the faintest feeling that something in this world could be your calling, don’t hesitate to chase that dream.