Mrs. Crockett: The Significance of an Influential Teacher

By Sammy Nishihama

October 24, 2023

At Morro Bay High School, we have many amazing teachers who are consistently involved in our community. One of those is Mrs. Crockett, who teaches Biology and AP Physics. As you might think for a biology teacher, she takes an interest in outdoor activities as her hobbies, staying active while having fun. “I love being outside, camping, surfing, hiking, and biking,” she states. 

When asked what piece of advice she would give to the current students of MBHS, she responded, “Get involved and build connections. I’ve been really inspired in my life when I put myself out there, that somehow that connection really benefited me in the future.” She recalls what her life was like before taking her own advice, saying, “Growing up, my family never went camping, and when I went to college there was an outdoor program, and I was like ‘I’m gonna sign up for a trip, it’s kind of out of my comfort zone.’ And by building connections and going out of my comfort zone, it completely shaped my path.” Now, years later, her love for the outdoors has only grown. Once a year, she takes a group of students to the Santa Cruz Islands, an event that she’s done for a few years now. The group spends the majority of their time outdoors, hiking, exploring, and gathering data. 

Some of her favorite activities she does with students include the annual Santa Cruz Island trip, but she also mentions the boat races she did with her AP Physics class, saying, “they built cardboard boats and had to paddle across the pool.” She also talks about the Biology classes, stating, “With the Biology kids, I’d have to say the dissections. I feel like dissecting the heart and pig, it’s really hands-on, and fun for students to learn what’s going on in their body.” 

Students gathering data on the Santa Cruz Island trip

When asked about her teaching style and how a good teacher can make a difference in a student’s learning, she answered, “A good teacher challenges students to push through and wake up and figure out the ‘why’s’ of what they’re learning, or to gain investment into the significance of the topics they’re learning.” She comments on her experience in school, explaining her ability to memorize facts instead of critically thinking about the topics she was learning, exploring the idea that, “giving students ways to think beyond memorizing” is a helpful strategy.

Mrs. Crockett teaches her students many important lessons inside and outside of the classroom, but she also recognizes the importance of the lessons her students teach her. “I’ve learned by being around so many types of people, that everyone has their own story to tell, and that you should really lean in and get to know them before you make a judgment based on a first impression,” she comments. She acknowledges that students need to be able to grow in and out of the classroom, stating “I want to be able to pump students up so that they get excited to go out and live life, whether that’s hobbies or just feeling good about themselves, it doesn’t always have to be science related.”

“Being able to connect with students has just been really life-giving,” says Crockett, emphasizing the importance of bonding with students and understanding them in a way that benefits them and their learning. She is incredibly passionate about everything she does, from teaching students to taking groups out to the wilderness to explore. Her ability to form connections with students is beyond remarkable, and it shows through just how passionate she is about teaching.