Tobi Rojas - A Dedicated, Well Rounded Student

By Haley Hart 

February 21, 2024

Many of us can vividly remember our freshman year, or are actively trying to forget it for that matter. I personally, can remember being so hesitant to join anything, simply out of pure nerves and anxiety. However, that is certainly not the case for one freshman in particular. 

Tobi Rojas, a 9th grader at Morro Bay High, is no stranger to extracurriculars, being in mock trial and one of the only freshmen on the varsity cheer team. He’s grown up on the Central Coast “basically” all his life, and in his free time, he enjoys roller skating, drawing, and hanging out with both his friends and his boyfriend. 

Tobi has been cheering since the first grade and initially got into it when his god brother was playing youth football. “My mom wanted me and my sister to cheer for him.” Tobi shared that part of the reason he wasn’t nervous to start freshman year was in fact because of his sister, saying, “I knew she would be by my side through the whole journey.” He also explained that this cheer season was “more of a rebuild year because we had switched between coaches”, adding that, “it was nice seeing so many people try out and be on the team, but certain people caused so much drama”.

In addition to cheer, Tobi also spoke about his experience in joining mock trial, sharing, “I started mock trial last year pretty late into the season. I’ve been wanting to do it all year since I wanted to be a lawyer but my cheer schedule got in my way”. He wants to work in the justice system when he gets older, and says, ”I originally wanted to become an immigration lawyer because most of my family are immigrants and I think it would be really rewarding for me to be able to help other families with that process.” Tobi shares that he is now, ”leaning towards being an attorney so I can make sure the justice system is working the way it should and being able to bring justice for the victims.”

I also spoke to Tobi’s friend Lilly Martinez who had this to say about his drive and persistence, “I love him, when something is important to Tobi, he really does give his all”.