Plundercast is the official student-led podcast of Morro Bay High School, hosted by Angus McNellie and Claire Wilson! New episodes come out every Friday at 3:33 pm. Listen to the latest episode here:

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Meet the Hosts!

Angus McNellie

I’m Angus McNellie and I’m a junior here at MBHS! My hobbies include theater, reading, creative writing, and spending hours in my notes app. Some of my favorite artists are Ricky Montgomery, Pinegrove, Laufey, and Mitski. I’m super thrilled to be doing this podcast with one of my best friends, Claire. We’ve always wondered how people would react to our silly, secretive conversations, and now we get to find out! Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this project, and to everyone who takes the time to listen.

Claire Wilson

Hi! I'm Claire Wilson and I'm a senior at MBHS. I love dark chocolate, hugs, and listening to Fiona Apple. In addition to hosting Plundercast, I'm also editor of Spyglass News. When I'm not writing,  editing, or publishing articles, you can find me reading, daydreaming, or telling Angus secrets. I'm so excited to be doing this podcast with Angus and I hope you enjoy it!

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