Spring Sports at MBHS

By Haley Hart 

March 5, 2024

As the winter sports season wraps up, with a successful season in soccer, wrestling, and basketball, many are left wondering what spring has in store for sports at MBHS.

The spring offers more sports than both fall and winter, having over 10 different sports to choose from. This includes, boys tennis, boys golf, girls swim, boys swim, stunt cheer, girls beach volleyball, boys volleyball, softball, baseball, and track and field.

Now, what exactly should you expect from each sport, according to student athletes?

Boys tennis is being coached by Jason Hanson. Last year’s season, according to an anonymous sophomore, “got off to a sort of rocky start.” They add, “we honestly had a pretty successful season overall though.” Boys golf is being coached by Sean Allstot. According to Junior, Reno Hallmeyer, who has been on the team for 2 years, “golf has been good so far, it’s just, like, great to get out and stuff, everyone’s nice.” 

Dive is being coached by KellyAnn Lim and Shayna Gayer. Girls swim is being coached by Laurel Carpenter, and Boys swim is being coached by Dan Szentisi. 

Senior Sid Christensen, who did girls swim last year, had this to say about the season: “I really liked it, we won some meets, lost some meets. I really loved cheering people on during their last lap, probably my favorite part.”

Stunt cheer is being coached by Alyssa Kues. According to sophomore, Logan Kusko, who joined just this year, “Stunt has been really fun so far, a lot of work, but fun.”

Girls beach volleyball is being coached by Kate Yarbrough. Sophomore, Joss Finch, who did beach volleyball last year, said, “I loved it. I’m really just looking forward to getting to know everyone on the team, like I’ve known them for a while, but just getting to know them better, I guess.” 

Boys varsity volleyball is being coached by Shelby Frey and JV is being coached by Dustin Limon. When asked what he enjoyed most about the sport, junior, Luke Konjoyan, said,  “The people are really nice, it’s good for you, yeah, just everything about it”. 

Softball is being coached by Vicki Schemmer, and baseball is being coached by Jarred Zill. An anonymous sophomore shared, “honestly, last year was a little disappointing because we didn’t have a full team for softball, but I have a good feeling about this year.”

Track and field is being coached by Jennifer Frere. When asked why someone should join the team, sophomore Manny Rios said, “It’s a good experience, it’s tiring but good.” Joaquin Cueller also shared his same sentiment, adding, “it’s a lot, my favorite part is definitely the mile.”

As you can see, there are a variety of spring sports to choose from, and this is just a brief overview of what the season could have in store.