Fusion’s 23rd Annual Show

By Ysabel Garza 

March 6, 2024
Ryanne Dedic, Marian Kalika, and Nezy Foxe

On Thursday March 7th and Friday March 8th, the Fusion program run by one of our school’s counselors, Mrs Smith, is hosting their annual Fusion Show. The show this year will include the Fusion program, the student formed bands Primavera and JJH, multiple students from our school including Jhanna Mendoza, Jamison Winstead, Denzel Ebreo, and even students from Monarch Grove Elementary.

The show this year will be starting at 6 p.m. on both nights in our new theater. All of the normal seating and an extra two rows on the floor will be available for use, but unlike previous years, there will now be a space on the floor in front of the stage, so be sure to bring your blankets and pillows and hang out in front with your friends. Everyone performing is excited for opening night so lets hear from some of them.

The only senior on Dance Fusion, Stiffany Plenario, expresses anticipation about the upcoming performances, saying, “I am very excited for the performance and I can't wait for all the people coming to see our dances and to perform on stage.'' Stiffany conveyed that she is looking forward to performing 3 dances saying, “I’m excited for all of our pieces but mostly Speed Drive, Work it, and The Way I Are. I’m also pretty hyped for the singers who will be performing at the show, I can’t wait to hear all their beautiful voices and for our band Primavera!” 

Freshman Ryanne Dedic said, “I’m really excited to perform in general.” When asked what dance she was most eager to perform she said “Work It, because I like the music and it's the first dance we ever learned and performed.” When asked what performances she wanted to see most, she expressed wanting to watch the musicians perform and to hear them play. 

When junior Marian Kalika was asked what she was looking forward to she answered, “I'm really happy that my friends and family are going to come see me perform.” When asked which dance she is most excited for she said, “Probably speed drive, because it's very fast paced and it has a really upbeat and entertaining song and dance.”

The fusion concert will be an exhilarating experience not only for performers but also for students coming to watch.Tickets for adults are $7 and tickets for students will be $5. If you don’t get your ticket online you can buy one at the door, but they are only accepting cash. Come support your peers on March 7th and 8th at 6pm in the theater for an unforgettable concert experience.