Ysabel Garza

There is so much to say about Ysa Garza. Ysa is a freshman at Morro Bay High School. She likes the blue sour patch kids and  getting involved in school activities such as the swim team and dance fusion. Just like every little girl she had a dream to be a veterinarian, that is, until the 4th grade when she grew a  passion for marine biology and sciences in general. 

Peoples' first impressions of her are usually that she could seem rude or anti-social, but when you get to know her, she brings so much joy to the people around her. She hopes she can be someone people can come up and talk to about anything. 

She was born in SLO and  has lived in the same house in Los Osos with a big brother, her mom and dad almost all her life.  Her main focus in life is on her education, work and her dog. She works with her family in construction and with a family friend taking care of her daughter who has cerebral palsy.  

When asked what she was like when she was younger she said “I think if 5th-6th grade me saw me now, I’d be kinda freaked out. I don't have a lot of the same friends I used to, I don't get the same grades I used to get, I don’t have the same kind of love for art, and stuff. I don't think I’d be upset or something. I think I'd just be really confused.” 

You never know how much of an impact one person could have on your life. Ysa’s one person is her best friend from 4th grade. “I think meeting my best friend was really important to who I am now, he's the only person that I feel doesn't judge me. We don't agree on absolutely everything but I think it's good to have friends with different opinions. I think it's also important to be friends with people that you can calmly express your feelings to without arguing and for me that's my best friend.” 

5th grade for Ysa was when she had to quarantine because of Covid. She was stuck on her phone as there was not much else she could do. That took a toll on her self esteem because what else is there to do besides look at insanely hot people.  She started to make online friends and strengthen the friendships she already had. Her favorite hobby is origami. She makes stuff like lotuses and cranes. She also likes to crochet and bake, but most of all she  likes to hang out with her friends. Ysa is a libra, which matches up with her personality so well, as libras are closeted extroverts and the energy they put out is gorgeous. Libras over all are happy people that have a good outlook on life. Ysa likes getting her nails done, camping, swimming and just being out places in general. I was really lucky to get to interview, and meet her. 

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Ysabel Garza | October 27, 2023