Mock Trial Takes on a New Year at MBHS

By Phaedra Fernflores

October 20, 2023

The MBHS mock trial team is about to start their new season and they have a lot to live up to. You may be wondering “what is mock trial anyways?” Well, mock trial is a simulation of a real court trial. Each team member has a role, whether that is as a witness, attorney, defendant, or any other position except judge. The trial happens in a real court room with a real judge, teams get scored on how well they present their case and how well their actors perform their roles. “It’s sort of like drama meets debate,” says Orion Rea, the vice president of MBHS mock trial. Rea also mentioned the skill it takes to be in mock trial, with the team practicing hours at a time and some members having to write their own scripts. 

Last year, the team won the county championships and placed 15th in the state competition. “Last year our team was pretty much unstoppable,” said Rea. Tryouts for this year’s teams were held on Saturday, September 9th and according to Orion the process went very well. Each auditioner had to prepare a statement and then present it to get a role. Many seniors last year left so the pressure is on for this year's team to fill their shoes, “I think our team this year has a really good shot,” Orion said. 

 The MBHS mock trial team celebrating their glorious win at the county championships, September 12th, 2023 

Mock trial can get tricky when members have homework, sports, and have to prepare statements and memorize lines every week. Members of the club work very hard and depend on each other to do well in competitions. While the mock trial team will have to compensate for losing some key members,  they are very excited and ready to take on the new season and new case this year.