Nicole Garner: Whispers of the Mind

By Nali Milne 

April 30, 2024
Nicole and Peyton mid film! (Photo credit: Nicole Garner)

Nicole Garner is a Junior at Morro Bay High School. When asked to make a movie for the film festival in her TV Video class, she was stumped for a long time. “The hardest part was definitely just coming up with the idea because there’s so many different themes and genres and paths you could take, so that was really hard,” Nicole told me late last night in an exclusive interview.

Nicole is a very fun, easy going, hard working student who loves the film festival! When she heard of this opportunity, she was very excited! So, after thinking hard about the direction she wanted to go, she chose a dramcom (drama-comedy).

The film follows a girl, played by her peer, Peyton Moon, who gets a mysterious pair of glasses in the mail from an unknown persona, played by junior, Fatima Martinez. When the girl puts the glasses on, she realizes that she can hear people’s thoughts. When she reveals this to her best friend, played by Nicole herself, the two fight for ownership of the glasses, both wanting the power for themselves.

I have seen the movie myself, and must say it is a great watch! At times funny, and at times dramatic, this film captures the best of both genres.

Nicole told me the inspiration was, “based on my own liking of movies. I love, like, the more funny movies and I think also things that I’ve seen in past film fests also influenced everything. I don’t know, I just felt like even though the storyline is kind of random, it’s the good kind that keeps it fun and interesting.”

“It was a laugh,” Peyton says on the topic of the filming process. “I really loved being a part of it and I think that people will like it. It’s kinda good.” Nicole’s film is a great watch, and apparently a blast to film! Nicole can’t wait for people to see it, and she hopes everyone enjoys it!