Nali Milne

Chicken. This was Peyton Moon’s response when asked: how would you describe Nali in one word? This was likely due to the fact Nali was eating chicken during the time of the interview, however, Nali is anything but chicken. On the surface, Nali is a typical high school student. She loves soccer, the ocean, and is a parallel parking prodigy. Ever since early childhood Nali has fearlessly tackled life, living each moment as fully as possible. “If I’m off soccer practice and I’m walking to my car and there’s a really pretty sunset I’ll take a minute, look at the sunset, think about the moment, and try to freeze it in my mind. I do that every moment I can. And I always try to see the good in people.” 

But what caused this desire to live each day like it’s her last? Though Nali’s life is full of friends, family, and soccer practice almost every day, life hasn’t always been easy. When she was five, her paternal grandfather passed away. It was a tragedy that changed the way she thinks about her own life. “It was kind of a shock because he died so young, and ever since I was a really young child I’ve been really scared about dying and death.” When asked how this fear affects her, she responded, “I get like, so much pressure put on me to enjoy every moment of it that sometimes I think that I can’t enjoy it enough because I’m so worried about enjoying it.” Nali knows life is fleeting and can be taken away in an instant. But this hasn’t caused her to live any less fully; quite the opposite. 

Nali embraces life head on, making the best of every situation and treating everyone she meets with kindness. “I think everyone’s purpose in life is to be a good person and live your life the best you can… enjoy every moment.” she explains. 

After high school she plans to take a gap year, volunteer in foreign countries, attend a city college, and potentially transfer to a four-year university. After that, she isn’t sure. She casually lists off possibilities: film, writing, working in a hospital, lifeguard, firefighter. Her attitude towards the future is simultaneously hopeful and nonchalant. She doesn’t always know where she’s going but she knows who she is. “Life is like a soccer game,” she says, “ even if you’re losing, you can still win.” 

Nali Milne | February 5, 2024

Nali Milne | February 5, 2024

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