Noah Cuarenta’s  Kazuya Mishima:  Ultimate Crouch Dash Guide

By Justin Milton 

June 5, 2024

Noah is a junior at Morro Bay High School. In Advanced Film and Video class, he chose to make a guide video for his favorite Super Smash Bros character, Kazuya Mishima. The video explains how to perform the crouch dash technique and use it in the right situations for optimal game play.

He was inspired when learning the character during the pandemic, but struggled with informative videos because they were incomplete. This made it challenging to learn the many facets of the crouch dash technique, and he decided to make it easier by condensing it into a single video. In contrast to these spread out videos, he made sure to make it especially engaging and informative for maximum effectiveness by dedicating most of his time to editing.

To make the film, he first made sure to write a detailed script about all the ways to use the technique. Next, on his Nintendo Switch he used a capture card to capture the screen to his computer and recorded some gameplay using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). From that file, he edited the video using Premiere Pro, avoiding templates.

The process went well except for background noise. This is a common issue for filmmakers; any unwanted sound blends in with their sensitive recording to make it less clear. He used Audacity to try and edit as much of it out as possible.

His film wasn’t chosen as a finalist, but he hopes it will be helpful regardless. He says, “this is a popular character. I think having an in depth video is a great way for people to better learn it.”