Justin Milton

Justin Milton is currently a senior at Morro Bay High School. He manifests a strong passion for engineering, civil engineering in particular. This type of engineering is on a public scale and consists of planning and designing the maintenance of structures, such as libraries and bridges. 

One thing that you should know about Justin is that he loves to travel state to state. When asked where in the world he would most like to be, out of everywhere in the world, Justin would like to start in England. He says, “more specifically London.” From there, he wants to check out Europe, then eventually the world.

Some things that really stood out was his passion towards “gardening, reading, and playing video games.” Currently, he is working to expand on his garden by building a greenhouse and starting more vegetables. Along with his hobbies, he shares that his favorite foods are pizza and tacos. Justin mentions, “anything that relates to Italian and Mexican I am all for it.” 

Justin also enjoys spending time outdoors, like hiking. His favorite place is Montana De Oro. To spend more time outdoors, Justin joined Cross Country in middle school and did it through sophomore year. He would again this year if it wasn’t for his busy schedule.

With a strong passion in his major for engineering, he would like to get into a school such as California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. He shares a passion for challenging himself academically and doing whatever it takes to fulfill his future career goals. 

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