A Yard Sale on Every Street!

By Cynder Abbott 

March 20, 2024

The city of Morro Bay had an annual city wide yard sale, on March 15th, 16th and 17th. It was set up like a scavenger hunt all around the city. To find out where to go, there was a map on an app called Yard Sale.The app is helpful even if you missed the city wide yard sale. It will show you all registered yard sales all around the globe. There were a total of 174 yard sales happening on Friday, 179 yard sales on Saturday, and over 200 yard sales on Sunday.

There were a wide variety of finds over the weekend, like clothes, vintage and new, as well as shoes and headwear such as hats, helmets, and beanies. There were also many household items from decorations and glassware to furniture. Yard sales are a good place to look for appliances, especially if you recently moved into a new place or need a replacement. Many churches and homeowners set up their yard sales and give their items away for free. 

The yard sale sells a lot of collector items and attracts tourists who come down to look at collector automobiles. The Estero Bay United Methodist Church accept donated clothes and during the city wide yard sale they set up free racks of clothing. They encourage a take one leave one policy but it's not restrictive. This church also gave out food during the day. The city wide yard sale was a great place to find necessary things as well as fun items. If you have not been to the Morro Bay city wide yard sale before, it is a great time to stop by and support your community and neighbors.