Global Warming and Collective Actions 

By Cynder Abbott 

February 27, 2024
(Photo credit: Shutterstock/Bernhard-Staehli)

Some people have many speculations and may not believe that global warming exists. Contrary to those beliefs, Global temperatures have been rising for over a century. According to NASA, it has increased around 2.2 degrees fahrenheit since 1880. That may not sound like a lot but it has been enough to cause irreversible damage such as  melting ice caps in Antarctica that have been melting at a steady rate of 150 billion tons per year. The melting of the ice caps has greatly affected the rising in global sea levels. It has had a huge impact on our ecosystems. It alters the ecosystem productivity, exacerbating the spread of invasive species that has affected habitats because of the loss in biodiversity. Due to the many living things struggling to adapt to their new environment, some have had to face extensions like the bramble cay melomys that look like a mouse and the golden toad from Costa rica. Others like the green sea turtle and coral are the most rapidly declining species at the moment according to Global warming is known to cause natural disasters  such as hurricanes and droughts, residents of California understand as they are notorious for their major wildfires and droughts. These impacts indicate a decline in the health and stability of our ecosystems due to the consequences of global warming. 

There have been recent efforts to slow down global warming. Some of the developments that have been making a positive impact on our environment, things like renewable energy. Due to Our advancements in solar and wind technologies have significantly increased their efficiency as well as their affordability, making them viable alternatives to the use of fossil fuels. There also has been major reforestation efforts. Nature based solutions play a very important role in combating climate change. It plays it part unnaturally absorbing CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

As the world faces the challenges of rising climate change, the efforts being made to reverse or slow it down are pivotal. Through advancements like renewable energy and reforestation we can preserve our planet for future generations.