Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow 

By Cynder Abbott 

February 5, 2024

Our world is in trouble and there is one simple thing every person should and can do, and that is recycling. A lot of people’s perspective on recycling is that, ”the world is already so filled with trash, how could  one person help with that?” It's a responsibility that everyone has, though it might not help get rid of the islands of trash in the middle of the ocean or the seagulls on our MBHS  that already have plastic in their nests. But one person at a time can make a difference by recycling to prevent more harm. Maybe there's no way to reverse what has already been done, but starting now recycling would contribute less to ever growing landfills, which would mean less soil and water pollution. Increasing habits of recycling would also lower the effects of climate change.

There are many different ways recycling is beneficial, not just to our environment and quality of life, but also to the economy by creating jobs. Because we live in SLO County near beautiful beaches, where most people would consider it a paradise, it's absolutely our responsibility to keep the native ecosystems alive and beautiful. We can do that simply by recycling.

 Recycling is not just putting your plastics in a designated blue bin. It is also donating clothes or food. Most people may not have a compost to put the kitchen scraps in, but your neighbors might or you can put it in a city green waste trash bin. Composting is its own great recycling, where you can see and control every aspect of it. It is super easy to create good soil that can contribute to native plants, animals and organisms that may need it. Things like electronics, brita filters,batteries, and wine corks are all recyclable, but some items, like batteries, must be taken to designated recycling facilities.

There are a lot of different things that you may not know are recyclable, but finding out is as simple as a quick read of the packaging or a quick google search.