Carlock’s Bakery: 63 Years in Business

By Cynder Abbott 

April 5, 2024

Carlock’s Bakery is a beloved small business in Los Osos. It has been a small family owned business since 1961. They sell handmade cakes, donuts, cookies, as well as savory pastries. Many different types of breads; bagels, loafs, and my favorite is their cinnamon raisin loaf. They also have a wide drink selection, and so much more.

Their raspberry filled thumbprints are definitely one of my favorites. That is not easy to say because I have personally tried almost all of the delicious things they have to offer, but any flavor of the thumbprints are great. Their greatness mainly comes with the texture of them, that melt in your mouth texture. They have a little less crunch than the Pepperidge Farm Verona thumbprint cookies. Most people tend to go for their sweets because that's what they specialize in, but their croissants are worth a try. They have many croissant flavors, such as turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, and spinach and cheese. 

Their store is set up so you can dine inside at one of their 3 tables or along the window at the bar. The owners are incredibly sweet. I visit at least once a week, and being recognized feels great, like they really appreciate my business. You can't show up to most places and be recognized as a shy person. The workers and owners of Carlock’s are very community oriented, and they notice and appreciate their customers. Los Osos local, Ysabel Garza, has strong opinions about Carlocks. “I've been going to Carlock’s since I was around the age of 5,” she says, “me and my brother would beg to go in the morning before school, and to this day I still really love going to Carlock’s.” 

Carlock’s Bakery is open Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 4:30 pm. With a wide selection, and because they open so early, they are a hot spot for our community to grab a quick, cheap, and delicious bite and coffee before work, school, or any time of the day. I would recommend this bakery out of anywhere you could go in Los Osos.