The Newest Coffee Shop in Town 

By Cynder Abbott 

March 13, 2024

Scouts coffee started out as a small, independent coffee shop in San Luis Obispo in 2014. Sense then has opened up another small shop in Morro Bay, in the summer of 2023 so it is fairly new. Although I have not been to scouts coffee until recently, it has been well loved by the community in San luis Obispo and now Morro Bay. The owners pride their shop in giving quality products and experiences to our community. 

The interior design of Scouts Coffee is based in very light colors in a kind of boho minimalistic aesthetic. With quality decorations but not too much keeping the space open without clutter. You can tell they like to hire a lot of people persons, because at any time of the day, any day including rush hour they like Having smiles, eye contact, and a positive attitude which truly makes the whole vibe so friendly. Their dining tables are nothing special though they are aesthetically pleasing, they put thought into comfortable chairs you could easily sit in for hours. 

Ysa Garza a freshman at MBHS and avid coffee drinker says “I got a regular shmegular latte, it kinda just tasted like milk. I think they put milk, and creamer, but it was still good. It was very much the same as a lot of places. I can make pretty much any coffee at home but I could definitely make the drink I got from Scouts Coffee at home. I have a keurig.” Different opinion from Lily Moore, a junior at MBHS says “It's such a cute little place, I love to do work there. A lot of my friends have actually applied to work there, and the owners and staff are really sweet… I truly love that the coffee tastes like its good quality as well as being on the cheaper side compared to some other places”. 

Scouts Coffee could have some mixed reviews but I like the whole boho minimalist, friendly, welcome vibe and quality of the coffee. Scouts Coffee has and hopefully will continue to be a community go to.