All Eyes on Allstot

By John Holguin 

March 4, 2024

Many of you may know Mr. Allstot as the tall friendly P.E. teacher that walks around campus and always gives you a great smile and a friendly “hello”. You also may have him as a health teacher or for one of your electives. Not only is he a teacher for physical education and health, he is also one of the golf coaches for the boys golf team for Morro Bay High School. Mr. Allstot is an amazing person and always brings positive vibes when you're around him. But wouldn’t you want to know more about him?

Mr. Allstot is a Cal Poly graduate where he received a B.S. in Kinesiology, but he also went to Cal State Northridge in L.A where he was educated to become a P.E. and health teacher. But what was he doing before he became a teacher? When asked about his dreams other than being a P.E. teacher, his response was, “well, I did want to be a teacher, but I also really loved and enjoyed playing beach volleyball professionally when I lived in L.A., I wasn't making a lot playing volleyball so I became a P.E teacher, and it’s something I enjoy doing.”This was really surprising to hear, at least for me, because I had never known that about Mr. Allstot. 

Why does Mr. Allstot do the things he does? In an interview with the man himself, he was asked the question, “what impacted you the most to become healthy/P.E. teacher?”His response was “former teachers and coaches really deepend my love for sports. My dad was also a big influence since he was my coach for some sports, along with my older brother. But a person that inspired me to be a teacher was my middle school P.E teacher, Mr. Nat. He was a good role model when I was in middle school”. Mr. Allstot had lot’s of influences and important people in his life that would make him the strong person that he is today. This impact on him was in a positive way which has led him to succeed in life and achieve one of his dreams of becoming a teacher.

Mr. Allstot in a Beach volleyball tournament circa 2009 (Photo credit: Ken Delgado)

Mr. Allstot grew up in Northern California, in the town of Grass Valley, where he had a good community and lots of friends that he met through playing sports. He said “most of the friends I met were from all the sports I played”. When he was asked what it was like growing up, his response was, “I had good loving parents, my dad was a big role model and so was my older brother. I had good friends and an all round good community. I took it for granted looking back on it now but I am grateful for my family and am grateful for the life that I have”. 

“You can do everything right in life, but still wind up in a terribile spot,” said Mr. Allstot when talking about succeeding in life and doing what you love. He encourages everyone to just “go play.” What he means by this is to just stay active and do what you love because it’s going to make you a whole lot happier in life.