John Holguin

“It doesn’t matter what people say about you, it matters what you say about yourself.”

That’s the motto that’s gotten John to where he is now, a responsible, smart, inclusive, athlete, student, and friend. 

John Holguin was born on May 23rd, 2009 in San Luis Obispo, California. He started his academic career at Del Mar Elementary in Morro Bay before going to Los Osos Middle School, and finally ending up at Morro Bay High School, where he is currently a freshman.

Growing up as an only child in a loving, caring family on the coast of California, John has found inspiration through many different people such as sports athletes and people in his family. But John has always looked up to his grandfather and dad because “They have been there for me all throughout my life”

Currently living in the beautiful beach town of Morro Bay, John enjoys playing football, traveling, and biking around town. When asked which hobby was most important to him, John replied football. 

He started playing football in 7th grade on a recreational team and has continued to play since then. He has now earned himself a spot on the MBHS JV football team and is proud to play for his school and happy to show other schools just why he was put on the team. John’s love of football began through his family and watching the game extensively. With a dream of one day making it to the NFL, John always brings his best onto the field.

But John isn't just a sports player, he’s also an academic, motivated by the thought of getting things done.  When asked what he gives good advice on, one of the first things he said was science along with math. John is a straight A student, who’s strong academic skills started early on with his love of history. “It’s always good to research the past so we can move forward in the future,”John states when asked why he picks history over other subjects. 

Another hope John has for his future is going into the oil refinery industry. When it comes to the oil industry, we almost always think of the money that comes along with it. But when John thinks of this job, he doesn’t just think of the money, he thinks of how interesting the jobs are when you think of all the things that go into them. He thinks of the science and the engineering behind the job. He thinks of the things most people don't. He thinks about how millions of people in America depend on this industry daily and how he can be a part of making sure they can get through the day. 

John Holguin is responsible, kind, caring, and smart. He is never afraid to face a problem because he knows he’ll come out okay on the other side. He is always ready to help and include others and never steps down from a challenge. John is ready to see what happens during his high school years, and when the time comes, ready to move on to the real world. 

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