Flying High: How Kalvin Smith is Pursuing His Aviation Dreams

By Nali Milne 

March 7, 2024

Kalvin Smith is a junior in high school who can say something that most people can't. He knows what he wants to do with his future. For the last three years he has been preparing to fulfill his passion for aviation. With plans on going to pilot school straight out of high school, he talks about why he enjoys flying so much, and some interesting facts about his life!

“I like to surf a lot, it’s fun,” Kalvin states when asked about his hobbies, “playing basketball, you know.” He is on the Morro Bay boys basketball team and frequently surfs all over California and even in different countries! He is also quite the country swing dancer, and is skilled at the "Candlestick." His favorite place to surf is Block Island, Rhode Island. He says he catches, “the best waves ever, just shred all day,” when he’s there.

While he loves surfing, planes and piloting seem to be his biggest passion. “A few weeks ago I flew over the school, waved down, you know," Kalvin tells me with a smile on his face. He says that the reason he likes flying so much is because it makes him feel free. "I have control over my life up there, it's all in my hands and I think that's pretty cool," he continues.

Kalvin surfing in Huatulco, Mexico (Photo credit: Kalvin Smith)
Kalvin after receiving his solo license (Photo credit: Kalvin Smith)

He recently got his solo piloting license, which will allow him to pilot planes without any supervision, bringing him one step closer to fulfilling his dreams of going into flight academy.

It is proven that pilots who start out younger have more opportunities and often end up more successful than pilots who start out later in life, so Kalvin has set himself up well for a promising career in aviation.

Whether it’s flying commercial planes, private planes, or, “if I feel like it, the air force. But… probably not,” Kalvin knows his passion, and is excited for next steps.