Heather Copple

By Cynder Abbott

October 23, 2023

I know Heather Copple as my boss and the youth group leader at our local church. Heather has owned her own dog and cat grooming business called the Wizard of Paws, for 8 years, and in the process has given it a complete remodel. She worked there even before she owned the business for a total of 14 years. Her daughter thought of the name Wizard of Paws and she followed it up with a Wizard of Oz themed inside, but very subtly with accents of greens, reds, and whites as the main colors. You can tell the decorating was very thought out because there are so many hidden gems. It makes for a great work space. Most people don’t like going to work but Heather has made me absolutely love my job. The energy in the air is never bad, and she cares about the people that work for her as well as the animals all together. Heather hasn't taken new clients since the beginning of Covid so the dogs and cats that come in have been getting groomed for at least 3 years regularly. On average she grooms 7 dogs and or cats a day. She says she does it to see the dogs and cats happy at the end of the day and the owners smiling.

Heather is also the youth group leader at our local church. Her clients have said that she is great at what she does. I am not a very religious person but I love to listen and learn from her when she teaches. Most of the time she's not just reading out of the bible, she is having all the kids play games together, whether or not it's church related she makes sure everyone is having fun.

Heather owns a lot of animals like horses, dogs, bunnies, chicken,  and cats that she shows at cat shows. She has won many awards for doing cat shows. All in all Heather has been making the community a better place for so many, little by little.