Lily Moore

By Cynder Abbott

October 27, 2023

Lily Moore, fourth from the right

Lily is a Junior at Morro Bay High School. She is one of those kids that people should look up to or take influence from because she takes her education seriously and still manages to keep her friends and herself happy.

  Lily is involved in many extracurriculars and school activities, like girl’s volleyball and band. She is also president of style club and cooking club. Cooking club’s first meeting to make empanadas was on September 16th. The club was really fun and everyone was very nice and helpful, but that's because Lily led the way helping everyone and keeping it a happy and thoughtful environment as we were making food to share. 

She is also in a style club, where you get to hang out and learn new things about self care, whether that be new hairstyles, manicures or a spa day. Lily is not the official present of style but she does so much more. She's always coming up with new ideas for the club and brings supplies to share. She makes sure every single person is involved and no one gets left out. Lily isn’t just an inclusive person when she's in clubs; she's always a great person to be around. Whether it be in a classroom, club, or team full of friends, nobody feels left out. 

Lily plays opposite hitter in volleyball and her jersey is #20. At her away volleyball games she not only plays with a passion and loves to take notes on the pep bands that play at the games. She gets excited because “they’re so into it, dancing and stuff”. Lily has been in pep band playing the flute for 6 years. She takes it seriously so she is very good at it. Now that she's an upperclassman she gets to teach the younger kids to play as well as her. The freshmen this year in the band are shy so she is always the one to break the ice and get people cheering and dancing.

When Lily grows up she wants to go college to get into the medicine field and be in a college pep band. She's already taking classes that will help her get there. She's taking AP biology this year but hopes to take AP chemistry and sports medicine her senior year.