Luke Konjoyan: Balance

By Lucas Huss 

February 20, 2024

“Uhh… volleyball, rock climbing, and piano…?” is how Luke Konjoyan responded when asked what he participates in. When asked how he balances these activities with TV/Video, 2 Honors classes, an AP, and a class at Cuesta, he responded, “I don’t have very much homework, since I have my free period.” Luke Thomas Konjoyan is a man of numerous talents and is greatly capable of balancing these activities. He plays a vital role in the TV/Video setup, as he manages the Tricaster room and sits in on the recording room to supervise the anchors and the people “on the floor” in the green room. 

He plays the outside hitter position in volleyball and is great at it. His all time record is unknown to him, but he thinks it could be upwards of 750 points, which is an incredible record. He strives to always be his best, and his vertical leap is astonishing, clearing almost three feet. 

The Konjoyan family has had a long legacy here on the Central Coast, more specifically at Morro Bay High School. Of course he attends our school, but his brother Jonah graduated in 2022, and his sister Katherine did a year prior in 2021. She remains here in a separate way, as the music director for the drama department.

Luke aspires to attend Concordia University Irvine, where he hopes to receive a scholarship for volleyball, his strongest field. However, like he stated, he’s not a master of only one skill. He also wants to keep climbing recreationally and remaining relatively engaged in music, especially piano.

Luke is a complex man, but manages all in his life with a strong work ethic and staying determined in achieving his goals. Luke also is single, and is looking for a “zazita” to call his own, his own word for girlfriend, coined in his second period anatomy and physiology class.