Lucas Huss

Theatre has been around for centuries and is still very relevant in our world today. An article from The Guardian states “63% of people had been to the theater in the past year, while the figure was 53% for music concerts and 47% for sporting events.” When you think about the average high school student you probably don't think of theater, that is of course unless you’re thinking of Lucas Huss; a 16 year old student at Morro Bay High School who is very passionate about theater and his academics. 

Balancing school and extracurricular activities can be tough for most students, especially if that activity involves memorizing lines and cues. So you may be thinking, how does he do it? Well this is what Kate Kostecka, Morro Bay High’s drama club director had to say about it;  “I think Lucas is very capable and he does a really good job with his work and he never lets it overwhelm or overcome him.”  

Huss says his goal is to get into UCLA or UC Irvine for college. He also stated  that some of his  biggest role models are his Dad and his Grandpa who give him the inspiration he needs to do his best at school and in theater. 

Now when it comes to theater, Lucas has his heart set on accomplishing one thing. “I want to get a leading role that isn’t comedic I think. Because the whole time I’ve been in Drama it's always been the joke characters,” Huss shared. He says he wants to play a character with a more “serious tone” so that he can explore different emotions when acting. Things are looking promising for Lucas in this aspect, drama club director Kate Kostecka had this to say about the 16 year old actor “He’s good at delegating, he’s good at working with people, he’s good at communicating and that will take him far.”

Lucas Huss | December 6, 2023

Lucas Huss | November 17, 2023