Maggie Appel’s Take on Extracurriculars and Education   

By Phaedra Fernflores 

December 21, 2023

Balancing extracurriculars, sports, and school can be tough, but it is especially tough if you are in 3 clubs and participate in 2 sports. Sophomore Maggie Appel is vice president of Peer Tutoring Club, treasurer of Mock Trial, and vice president of FCA. When asked if it was difficult having such important roles in all three clubs she said, “For me, I don’t struggle too much with balancing these clubs and school, I really enjoy that they keep me busy and I love being a part of them.” 

Just like her clubs keep her going, another thing Maggie is very passionate about is her grades. She says that striving to do well in school gives her a feeling of purpose while in high school. She says, “I definitely want to do well in school because I want to continue my education after high school.” While Maggie is sure of this, she isn't entirely sure yet where she wants to pursue her higher education but she does have hopes of going into the medical field. 

While there are a lot of clubs at Morro Bay High School, it is definitely rare to find a student who is fully dedicated to three of these clubs, all year round. When Maggie first joined the Mock Trial, she joined for fun because her friends were joining. After watching most of them quit, Maggie decided to stick it out as she slowly became more and more intrigued about what the club had to offer. After participating in it all of last school year, it became one of her favorite things here on campus. This is something that we can all learn from, even if you aren’t completely sure if you like something you will never know until you give it a proper try. And just like with Maggie, it may end up becoming one of your favorite things. 

Overall, Maggie participates in these activities because she enjoys them and she enjoys being a part of them. She says she has made many friends along the way as it is a good way to find people with similar interests.