Nali Milne

By Josie Mewes

October 21, 2023

  Nali seems like your typical high school student, the kind you look up to because you think they have everything figured out, but the truth is she's  just got just as much figured out as the rest of us. Nali looks for the best out of life and has one main goal, to be happy. But this can be hard to achieve when you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Nali has always struggled with what to do after high school. The thought that  terrifies her. Since she was eight, Nali has struggled with thoughts of what comes after high school. She’s dreading the thought of leaving her favorite person in the world, her sister. She’s also scared that the dedication she has put into her soccer career will have all been for nothing. Nali says she has been grappling with thoughts of what to do after high school, in college, and in her future career. During her interview, she threw out ideas such as nursing and landscape architecture, but with no certainty and college applications only a year away, with no confidence in where her life is going it has become a huge stress for her and something she really struggles with. 

Other struggles throughout Nali’s life have also been centered around her cherished hobby, soccer. Nali started playing when she was five and despite loving it now, she hated it then. She said she hated it for the first three years she played, that her parents had to force her to practices, but the push that got her to truly love this huge part of her life was her little sister. When Nali started playing with her little sister, Indie, she realized just how much she could enjoy this sport. And when the time came around to high school, she started taking it more seriously as she realized her true love for soccer. When asked, Nali told me that one of the most difficult things she’s ever done was try out for club soccer. Her sister was already on the team at this time and had become a successful player, Nali 

says the push that got her to join was realizing  she had nothing to lose. Nali states, “I reminded myself that if I didn’t make it, that’s fine, because you only have one life and if you don't do something you’re going to regret not doing it.” Nali believes that joining the club was a really good decision for her, and despite the mental challenge she faced when pushing herself to try out, she realized the best thing she could do for herself was to overcome her fears. 

“I never don’t do something I want to do.” That is Nali’s motto. Nali always looks for the best out of life, and despite her fears for the future, all she really hopes for is happiness in her life, she doesn’t need to know what she’s going to do with her life to know what she’s looking to get out of it, a happy future.