Josie Mewes

Josie may seem like a very introverted person but when you get to know her, many come to find out that she is very nice and kind.

Caring parents, a good home, and good morals have made Josie a very kind soul that welcomes anyone who may need help in high school, whether it's academically, socially or mentally. 

Ever since Josie was in third grade, soccer has been a big part of her life. She loves the sport and the people she plays with. At first, she did not like it because her mother forced her to play soccer but now she very much enjoys it.

She is now playing freshman girls soccer for Morro Bay High School. But Josie is not just another one sport soccer kid, she is also on the freshman girls volleyball team for Morro Bay High School. “Soccer to me is like caffeine, I love it” she states. 

With sports, two younger siblings that look up to her as an older role model and school, it is hard for Josie to find free time, but when she is able to squeeze out a few spare ours in her very busy schedule, she likes to bake muffins, read exciting books of fantasy worlds and romance books. She also likes to hangout with friends in Los Osos and Morro Bay.

Despite her baking abilities, kind attributes, she does have her fears.  “People leaving is something I fear, I just can’t stand the thought of someone or a friend leaving me” she states. 

When asked about what she would do in a high pressure situation, she stated “I would most likely crack under the pressure and begin to break down.” But would still try her best to stay calm. However she sees the situation unlikely because she “always tries to have a good attitude throughout the day”. And if she ever does break, she has friends and family to help her through when she is at her lowest of moments. 

When faced with challenges, Josie always finds a way to get through them, whether it's soccer, school or life. Her approach is to always stay calm and not overreact to a challenge that stands in front of her. Josie stated that she has a lot of help if she does ever encounter any challenges and would be able to crush them.

“It always helps to breathe and pause for a moment, rethink your situation and try your best to plan out your next moves” she says. “Almost like soccer” Josie has always kept this mentality throughout her life, which is why she is such a smart, cheerful person. “There is always more underneath than on the surface of someone” she said in response to being asked how people should view introverts.  

Josie says she wants to explore the world more and find more about herself as she does. Her future is bright, she is kind and very smart. She's always trying to find new activities to do, such as volleyball, but also gardening and exploring what's really out there in the world, what challenges she will face in the near future. In Josie’s words, she is “not nervous at all for the real world”.

“You can’t give up certain things,” she says. “Especially if there are dreams that you know and want to pursue.”

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