Traci Huss - Supporter of the Arts

By Lucas Huss 

April 11, 2024

Traci Huss, is a mother of two, wife to one, and friend to many. Traci has been active at Morro Bay for countless years, spanning all the way back to 2019, when her older son Cooper was a freshman. He was a part of the drama program then, but has since graduated. His influence on the program was immense, but even more so was the effect of Traci. 

Traci, my mother, has been working on shows by providing food since Cooper’s very first high school production, Neil Simon’s Rumors, all the way back in 2019. She, and my family have been bringing trays and trays of pasta, salad, and bread to the Drama Club tech rehearsals for years, and have continued this years later, all the way up to Little Women of this year, marking 5 years of continued support, despite the pandemic’s imposition. 

Tracy has seen every show that the program has put on and has been a stalwart supporter of the group itself. Her favorite production was The Addams Family last year, which starred my brother, Cooper, as Uncle Fester Addams, and myself as Mal Beineke, the main love interest, Lucas’s father. She loved the music that the musical used, and she loved the lyrics and the themes of the show. She adored that everyone had their own important part to add to the story, and that the comedy was truly funny and witty, even though it was interspersed with lower-brow humor, like fart jokes and really anything Grandma Addams said.

  While she hasn’t contributed the most - as that title would go to Davises, she, as well as Ryan Huss, her husband, however, have been the longest, and most consistent contributors to the program. She plans on continuing this support as long as she can, and will remain a loyal supporter of the performing arts community as long as she can, especially if her loved ones remain in the activity.

A pin created by Traci to support me in Alice in Wonderland, where I played Humpty Dumpty.