Translations and Reflections: Another View of Mr. Turner

By Lucas Huss

October 20, 2023

Mr. Turner is a teacher at Morro Bay High School. He has taught Geometry and AVID for as long as I’ve been here, but recently he picked up a new class that many thought belonged to one of the most veteran teachers at this school: Precalculus from Mr. Furbee. 

Despite this being a new course for Mr. Turner to teach, he’s been taking the challenge well, and teaching his students all they need to know to succeed. The predominant company that produces the textbooks our school uses is CPM, which at this point, Mr. Turner is well acquainted with.

As the classes increase in difficulty, so do the textbooks’ level of refinement. For the higher concepts past Algebra II, our school recently adopted textbooks from Pearson, a company with hardcover AND digital textbooks. This gives students a better opportunity to study at home, as the textbooks that are individually checked out to the students are accessible from a computer that students already typically bring to school every day as opposed to a massive textbook that takes up all of their backpack space.

While Mr. Turner’s favorite class to teach is Geometry, he’s excited to try something new and teach precalculus, which is rapidly becoming one of his favorites. 

Last year, Mr. Turner was also one of the founding teachers involved in the Biking Enthusiasts’ Club, alongside Mr. Gade. “He’s played a key supporting role for the club,” said Thomas Standridge, one of the founding members of the club.

However, as of late, he’s been taken out of action regarding biking because of an accident biking on Black Hill. “I was riding the night before my birthday…and I took a turn too closely around an oak tree and broke my clavicle.” Mr. Turner only took one day to recover from his injury before jumping right back into teaching, showing his absolute dedication to his students.

Turner has been strongly involved with activities on campus, namely academics. Not only did he help found the Biking Enthusiasts’ Club, but he also advises the Tutor Club. Orion Rea, one of the founders and leading tutors of the club stated, “Mr. Turner has been really supportive and helpful in setting up [Tutor Club].” 

Mr. Turner has been a veteran of our school, has been deeply involved in the activities on campus, and always pushes all of his students to do their very best, in his classes, and all of their future endeavors.