MBHS Softball: Are Things Looking Up From Here?

By Nali Milne 

April 2, 2024

This past Thursday, the girls softball team had a game against Santa Maria, resulting in a tie with a score of 6-6. With Morro Bay in the lead for a while, and then falling behind, this game was a roller coaster. Interviews with two different players reveal their opinions of the Thursday afternoon battle.

Freshman Sara Stock was the first player I interviewed. I got the chance to interview her right after the game finished, during open house. I saw her walking across the quad, decked out in her uniform with the MBHS softball bag riding proudly on her shoulders. I could tell by the way she was walking that she was in a good mood.

Right off the bat, she seemed enthusiastic about the turn out of the game. “My game actually went pretty well… the past few games we’ve had some struggles and stuff, but this team came in, they brought in their Varsity pitcher, um, who was playing kind of dirty, and then also the rest of the team wasn’t very nice, but we ended up tying and we were winning most of the game.” She describes it as a pretty solid game, with some “mishaps here and there,” but for the most part just a well fought game for the Lady Pirates. She gives compliments to her catcher, Cassidy Washburn and pitcherEva Panian who she said played very well. She was also very proud of the third basemen, Julia Brown, who improved greatly since their last game.

MBHS Softball Season 22’ (Photo credit: Vicki Schemmer)

I ended the interview with Sara talking about the Varsity softball coach, Vicki Schemmer, who I played for my freshman year. Sara said that, “throughout it she was just telling us to keep pushing, like, keep fighting, um, especially when we got to a point where we weren’t winning anymore, but, um, yeah… we did pretty good.”

I then, coincidentally, interviewed the third basemen herself! I also got to talk to Julia, just like Sara, right after their game at open house. She too was still in the blue uniform, face painted with the black streak on each cheek.

When asked about the turn out of the game, Julia said, “It ended in a tie, I thought we did really good today. We’ve had a rough season but I think it’s gonna get better.”

The consensus seems to be that, so far, the Girls Varsity Softball team has had some trouble with their season lately, but after their well played game on Thursday seem to be feeling optimistic about what’s to come.